How much time to you spend chasing new project opportunities? Construction Leads can do the hard work for you.

What do we do?

We identify and deliver real project opportunities to consultants like architects, engineers, surveyors and building suppliers. The service is exclusive - available only on subscription. Our web site is updated daily or if you prefer we can email you the latest leads every week together with a summary of news related to the construction industry.

Why use us?

In the last 12 months we have delivered 550 project opportunities for architects, 220 for engineers and 230 for surveyors. All 1,000 projects were potential opportunities for building suppliers. We are offering a free trial period with no obligation whatsoever. Try it free for four weeks so you can judge it for yourself before deciding whether to subscribe.

What do you get?

Around 1,000+ UK and Irish project opportunities a year.
Access to our web site
A weekly summary emailed to you
UK construction forecasts
Marketing hints and tips e.g. how best to market your business
Westminster and Whitehall updates
Links to more than 300 construction related sites
Press Digest
Client profiles

How much does it cost?

Premium - Construction Leads emailed to you weekly and password controlled web access. In addition we will fax/email you copies of OJEC notices when required. 250.00 per year (68 pence per day)

Standard - Construction Leads emailed to you weekly. 200.00 per year (55 pence per day)How to subscribe to Construction Leads
To claim your free trial subscription all you have to do is to complete the form (click here to download the form). Return it to us by email or fax and you will receive Construction Leads by email and access to our web site, free of charge, for the next four weeks. (please note you don't have to fill in bank details).

Please tick the box representing the service you require.

If you decide to continue you need do nothing further. Your subscription will ensure that Construction Leads is automatically delivered to you. You have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting our offer. You'll get Construction Leads absolutely free for four weeks.

If you have any questions please contact Heidi Harris at Construction Leads on 01242 577 277 or email hharris@camarguepr.com